Sunday, July 31, 2011

"It's a pirate's life for me. Savvy?"

Well, everybody, this is just a short post, because I almost forgot I have some very exciting news... not mine, of course. There is soon to be another avid traveller in my family.

This time it's my brother Josh. This week he received his mission call to the West Indies, only the coolest place on earth. He'll be spending the next 2 years next to crystal clear waters, sailing on little wooden rafts, eating seafood, playing the ukulele, wearing sandals speaking French with a Jamaican accent, playing a little cricket, bumping into a few pirates, and of course, bringing the gospel into the lives of the local people.

Anyway, I am of course a very proud big sister, and I can't wait to see Elder Baldock here in a few weeks!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

This weekend was Vegas! I just LOVE road trips. Along with dressing up, it definitely makes it to my "Top 10 Favourite Things To Do Ever" list. We packed up and hit the road around 3:45pm, and amazingly made the 6 hour trip in 4 hours, thanks to Jenni's fast and furious driving! I love everything about road trips. I love having the car packed full of stuff. I love rolling the windows down and having the wind make your hair wild. I love singing at the top of my lungs. I love travelling through the countryside. I love travelling through time zones. I love stopping at gas stations. I love big gulps of soda. I love pit stops at cafes. I love following cars on the motorway and pretending that we know them. I love making road trip playlists. I love detours. I love bonding time. Yep, they are just the absolute best!

I was so lucky to have my friends Kelsie and Jenni come with me on this trip, and also lucky to see 2 of my friends from school back in England when we got there, Amy and Courtney. It was a pretty great weekend! The shopping was phenomenal, the food was delicious, the company was extraordinary! Trips are just the best!

Also, I should give a shout out to my big sister Leanne who turned 24 today! Happy Birthday!! 
I'm glad we're sisters!

Friday, July 15, 2011

"You'll stay with me?" ... "Always. Until the end."

Well, the end came and went! Harry Potter is no more. The movie: INSANE! Dressing up: AWESOME! Definitely a roller-coaster of emotion. I don't think I've ever cried in a Harry Potter movie until now. Also, Neville Longbottom... what a babe! Who would have thought?

I have officially added dressing up to my top 10 favourite things to do, ever!

Here's just a glimpse at our rockin' night last night...

Also, guess where I'm going in 2 hours... Vegas Baby!! ... 2 of my best friends from school in England are coming on holiday, so we're meeting up for some seriously fun girl-time!! Can't wait!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

This One's For Fred...

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I must first of all apologise for my abysmal blogging efforts over the last couple of months. I am vowing right now to make a change. Ok, good.

So I got back from my trip back to England just last week, and let's just say, it was pretty much the best visit home ever! I was determined to make it an unforgettable trip because I knew it would be the last time my whole family would be together for at least 2 years, as my brother will be leaving in the next few months. I don't want to bore you with every detail of every day I spent there, but just know that it involved "BUNNIES EVERYWHERE!!" way too much chocolate, late nights discussing ways to sneak attack my dad with water balloons, road trips to the seaside: in both freezingly windy and baking hot weather, Manuel's delicious sandwiches, far too many trips to Sainsbury's, also Maidstone, Pokemon, herds of Bambi's, castles, robots in disguise, homemade Indian curry, classic 90s, classic Baldock, Vera our neighbour, apparently being way too bootylicious, quaint village churches, Wimbledon, and plenty of my bestest pal, Josh Baldock. (Whoa that sounded like a recipe... a pinch of salt, and lashings and lashings of milk!

Even going home for just 3 weeks really made coming back here so much harder. I feel like people are so much more American than before. I am making another vow right now. I will forever say "trousers" and "loo" and I will always, always, pronounce "herb" with an "h".

Today, particularly, makes me miss England more than ever. You know why? Because today is the end of an era. Goodbye Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Goodbye Hogwarts. Goodbye Fred. Goodbye Voldemort. Tonight at 11:59, will be the end. And yes, of course we're dressing up. Because that's what we do. More to come tomorrow...