Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Follow Your Feet...

... all the way to England. Yep, that's where I will be on Monday. In the Mother Land, Ye Olde England, Britannia, GB, Enguuuur-land, Land of Hope and Glory, Blighty.

So... "This one's for England. Enga-land!"

For some reason, this advert will always be funny to me. It just so happens to be about some of my very favourite things... England, the World Cup, and chocolate!

I am trying to get in the mood to go home, so in the spirit of all things English, let me tell you that a very kind guy bought us the Royal Wedding on DVD! I am obviously very excited about this!

So, in preparation for my trip back home, here are a few things that really pull at my heart strings...
English chocolate, Camden market, Chinatown, Wimbledon, fish and chips, the countryside, the London Temple, real shopping, the seaside, my darling friends and family ...

Let me leave you with one final thought....

Monday, June 6, 2011


One stormy Wednesday night a girl decided she definitely needed a new locket. Upon making this decision, she drove to the nearest DI and found an antique locket. After placing it around her neck she felt a pulling feeling. In a gust of wind a spirit version of herself was sucked into the locket before her eyes. She felt powerful. She now had two souls. That same night, another girl decided she would no longer be passively waiting for life to happen. This spirit of readiness soon took over her body and mind, and she became ready for danger, ready for action, ready for anything.

Wandering around in the Provo night, these two girls soon bumped into each other. Realising their dual-power together and their same unquenchable desire to save commoners from the injustices of the cruel world that they suffered, They, single handedly (or should I say, double-handedly) became Locket Girl and Go-Go Girl. Invincible, and ready for danger.

With a little tin foil, a laundry bag cape, some fetching leggings, and a trusty mask, they were wallflowers no longer. Silent about the injustices of bad driving, of tight-fisted adolescents, and alarming blind dates, no more. They fight these injustices with Locket Girl's invincibility and  unbreakable fist-power, and Go-Go Girl's mighty speed and agility.

Little is known about the identity of these girls, and they intend it to stay that way. But ever you find yourself in danger, they will be there, because every time is "go go time!"

They are your friendly neighbourhood super women!