Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sunny Side Up

I'm not quite sure where to start with this week. There have been a lot of adventures, and so I'm just trying to piece my week back together so I can share it with you.

Day 1, Sunday: The Meat Market. I really do love new wards, and I'm lucky to be staying in the same apartment as last year. I really do love to meet new people too, but I must admit, the Meat Market that is the first Sunday is not my favourite thing in the world. It's pretty much "bish bash bosh." This is an English term to express the efficiency of a process. Look how I'm teaching you new things! Anyway, I'm not really one for small talk, and meeting people en mass with endless small talk mainly consists of this: "Where are you from?" "England" "Whoa that's awesome" "Yeah" ... awkward silence, and eyes looking helplessly around the room for a new topic. I am the Queen of those conversations. Maybe next time I should wear a badge that says "Yes, I am from England. But let's talk about something else."

Day 2, Monday: The Zombie and the Plane. So here the plane consists of one flying between London and Salt Lake. Well 2 actually. And the zombie is my brother. I got to pick him up from the airport, and yes, he was tired, and stinky, oh, and wearing a suit. I shouldn't give him grief for being a zombie, considering what I'm like when I step off a plane. I have a look on my face that says "I haven't slept in 30 hours, I haven't showered in 2 days. Do not mess with me." Anyway, he managed the flight just about, and they didn't cancel anything, they didn't lose his bags, or leave him stranded anywhere, so all in all, he did a lot better than myself! I got to hang out with the zombie all evening, and I must admit, listening to him try and string sentences together with his slurred speech and sunken eyes was entertaining. We got to the point where he was so tired he was singing hymns in French. And then I joined in. We were very tired. And yes, finally the zombie got to sleep.

Day 3, Tuesday: The Final Goodbyes. This was a very emotional day for my brother and I. He woke up very early, and very bright eyed from a good night sleep. So of course, that meant I was awake too. I really did pull out the big guns for the ultimate breakfast. I literally made everything you can think of: hash browns, pancakes, fruit salad, cereal, eggs... I think I was trying to impress my mum who was skyping with us at the time. Yes I am capable of making food. This was the day where I had to take Josh to the MTC. It was a very hard day, and I made a goal not to cry around my brother. I succeeded. Well, I don't count teary eyes. There were plenty of photos, suitcases, hugs, laughing, and a final goodbye. And then we got back to the car, and I could outwardly be the wreck that I was inside. I'm definitely missing him already, which would suggest why I've already written him 2 letters and 2 emails. Yep, I'm going to be that girl who's always writing to her missionary brother!

Day 4, Wednesday: The Mini Meltdown. Okay, so I really had to take Tuesday off to be with my brother. But then when I got back to class on Wednesday, I realised what I had missed and the intensity of my workload, and the lack of time I had to complete it, and then I had a mini meltdown. My meltdowns don't last very long, just a few minutes, but they involve an inward panic, shifty eyes, restlessness, and mild sickness. I got back to my Spanish class, and realised I, in fact, did not remember anything. But then I had a good old talk with myself, and now I'm fine. Mini meltdown managed.

Day 5, Thursday: The Life Plan. One of my professors gave this inspirational speech about how English majors are the most hired graduates in America, and how we have skills that other people lack: creativity, analytical skills, ingenuity, originality, and enterprise. So this was the day where I thought about the future. It doesn't happen very often, because it only makes me freak out. But I started to plan what I will do after graduation, and how I can find a job using my skills, but also entertaining my interests. That is where I came up with this: a writer for Smash Hits, the teeny bop magazine. Yep, that's my life goal. Haha, okay, maybe I should be considering more mature careers. Then we watched the Disney movie "Prom." Don't judge. I must admit, all I want to do now is go to Prom. It really is the pinnacle of life. Or high school.

Day 6, Friday: The Broadway Star. Every sensible plan I ever made on Thursday was completely eradicated by Friday. I got to watch Lea Salonga's performance here on campus for work. I now have no desire to do anything intellectual with my life, but sing my heart out, broadway style... and not just in the shower, or in my bedroom with my hair brush microphone. In school that was all I ever wanted to do. She was so amazing, and a sweetheart. Forget teaching obnoxious teenagers about Shakespeare, I'm going to Broadway baby!

Day 7, Saturday: Today. Not too much has happened today yet. Except writing this. Looking back at this week though, it was carnage. Theme of this week: carnage. I've been very to and fro this week. The first week back is always very hickldy-pickldy. Hmm, I've only ever said that word outloud or in my mind, so I just decided that's how it's spelt. Anyway, you've made it with me to the end of my week. Hope you didn't die in the process. I will include some photos to make up for too much writing...