Friday, November 9, 2012

"Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?"

Today is has done nothing but rain. My hair is crazy. My feet are damp. There's only ever one thing to counteract that. It's Raining Men by the Weather Girls. Yes, maybe I played it on repeat the whole way to campus thing morning. I'm not ashamed. It was fabulous.

Well, Halloween came and went again! Definitely one of my favourite times of the year. What's not to like? Costumes, candy candy candy, Hocus Pocus, the Monster Mash, dance parties! I love it. I do. I do.

You know it's a good Halloween when you have 3 costumes spread out over the course of a few days...

Costume 1: Lady Gaga (with the fish I won)

Costumes 2 & 3: Sandy (from Grease) before and after

Oh and this year I won a goldfish at the Ward Halloween Party. Yes, I proved myself a very talented player of 'get the ping pong ball in the cup.' So now we have a teeny tiny goldfish in the trifle bowl in the kitchen! I wasn't sure if I was ready to take on the responsibility of a goldfish. I mean, I can't even remember to feed myself. I'll admit, there were some anxious mornings early on when I was so sure I'd come into the kitchen and find Diego floating on the surface. We also didn't have any fish food at this point, so we resorted to tuna. I think that was a good decision. Now he's our little cannibal goldfish. One day when I leave the Dev, I'll have to release him into the wild, and I'd much prefer him to be able to eat his way to the top of the food chain. So that was the first week, and he made it. Wallis bought some Tetra Fin (possibly the stinkiest fish food around) to fatten him up!
But nothing's simple when you become a guardian. Rachel and I realised that little Diego had been swimming around in his poop water for a long time. Operation change the water and move him from the scales bowl to the trifle bowl was about as nerve-wracking as stubbing your toe and wondering if you'll lose it. But you know what, Diego made it. Bless his little goldfish heart. He's probably the smallest goldfish around, but he made it through!

One time I took a Marriage and Family Class and the professor had us plant a seed and let it grow throughout the semester. Obviously, this was a metaphor for nourishing and nurturing our relationships. Well my plant grew about an inch high, and then it died. It's just a metaphor right? Right?!

This time I'm determined to nurture the heck out of that little goldfish! I will not let him die!