Sunday, October 9, 2011


Last week a friend of mine asked me to tell him about the craziest thing I've ever done. Of course, my gut reaction was to tell him about this one time that I went skydiving and forgot to pull the cord. But that would be a lie.

All I could come up with was the time I went hiking with some friends. Not the best decision I've ever made for two very good reasons. 1.) It was winter 2.) It was after midnight. 3.) It was icy. 4.) There were wild animals out. Getting up the mountain was not a problem. It hadn't started to snow yet, and so we paced it to the frozen-over waterfall. The way back down, though, was the problem. I was only wearing sneakers, which apparently had no grip, so I was slipping and sliding a little too close to the mountain edge. By this point it had started to snow heavily, and we were into the early hours of the morning. The rest of the group went on ahead, and one of the guys decided to stay behind with me, and help me down. I must have fallen over at least 10 times, so he literally held me upright, he slid down the parts of the mountain on his bum with me, and he even carried me back down at points. Although he saved me from falling off the cliff at least 10 times, he neglected to tell me that he had seen animal tracks, and that we were being followed. Probably a good idea on his part. So my story ends. We made it back down the mountain safely. Cold and a little bruised, but not eaten by mountain lions! Moral of this story, wear hiking boots, hike during the day time, hike during the summer, hike when wild animals are sleeping. One day I will make this story into an amazing Sacrament Meeting analogy. One day.

No I haven't been skydiving. No I haven't broken the same arm 3 times.

I have come to the conclusion that life in itself is a pretty good adventure. Life keeps me on my toes. Life is kind of funny sometimes. It really is quite spectacular.

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